Members SpeaksGN'R 発言集


Axl Rose
# When we started we wanted to be the coolest, sexiest, meanest, nastist,loudest, funnest band. There was a group consciousness of rare, pillage, search and destroy!


# We have pieces of everything in our band, and we try and find a way to bring it all out rather than limit our selves into one frame.


# So fuckin' what?

「だから "ファッキン" なに?」


Duff McKagan
# We may just be a rock'n'roll band that doesn't know what it's fucking doing sometimes, but at least we're honest.


# We are not the Berlin Wall coming down. We are not Communism falling. We are not fucking civil war in Yugoslavia. We are not the Gulf war. We are just a fucking rock'n'roll band.


# This band always has been, and always will be, volatile.


# It all gets down to the fact thatwe are a rock'n'roll band who tells the truth in our songs, truths which would be recognised by anything who, like us, comes from the wrong side of the tracks.



Steven Adler
# Loud is a way of life.



Izzy Stradlin
# I've been straight for a year and a half now. No booze, no weed nothing I just stopped cold. I said,‘Fuck, I should give this a shot'. When I finally atopped and then strted going out, just riding around on a fucking bicycle, I thought‘Wow, this is really cool. How did I forget all this simple shit?'


# I think Guns n' Roses will take it's natural course, even though it could all end tomorrow night.



Matt Sorum
# This band is what it is. It ain't no bullshit. It isn't sitting around thinking up ideas for publicity. This stuff really happens! They're just being themselves. So this it, take it or leave it, love it or hate it, that's why it works.


# There's only one potograph of the six of us in existence, can you believe that? Getting all the members of Guns n' Roses in the same room at the same time is very difficult.

「6人一緒の写真はたった一枚しかない。信じられないだろ? ガンズアンドローゼズ全員を同じ時間に一部屋に集めるのは大仕事だからさ。」


# Rock'n'roll is, like, get loose, get laid and fucking go out and ... well, y'know...


# You can stay in the most expensive hotels and you can be a huge rock band and have a lot of fame and recognition and all that stuff, but when you get into the rooms, toilet paper is still toilet paper.


# We are for real. We are not Glam shit or anything else. We just Guns n' Roses.


# My playing is my priority...


# We're not always gonna be the brash teenage hardcore band, because we won't always be brash and teenageed. Of course, kids hate hearing that, cos it reminds them that they're gonna get older someday too.


# We just fucking go out and when it's great it's great. When it sucks, fuck, we suck. That's the magic of it.