Wave Of Heatウェーブ・オブ・ハート

Wave Of Heat

01. Beat Up
02. Old Tune
03. Rollin Rollin
04. Gone
05. Difference
06. Waiting For My Ride
07. Job
08. Raven
09. Way It Goes
10. Texas

Izzy Stradlin
2010年07月15日 発売

Izzy Stradlin (Vocals and Guitar)
Rick Richards (Lead Guitar)
Duff McKagan (Bass) 7 tracks
JT Longoria (Bass) 3 tracks + Engineer
Taz Bentley (Drums, Percussion)

Recorded and Mixed at "BROTHERYN STUDIOS"

[Recorded with DW drums, 4 piece kit.Fender precision bass ,Gallien -Krueger bass amp MBs 3.Guitars/acoustic...gibson hummingbird and J-200....Electric/izzy,70`s fender telecaster w/humbuckers,gibson es-135,the old 60`s telecaster[sunburst] from illusions recordings,gold top gibson les paul[60`s re- issue]...mostly through a fender "pro -junior" .. fender super sonic for a few overdubs/leads.Rick Richards/electrics...gibson les paul custom,les paul gold top,mostly through marshall jcm 2000 combo and marshall "vintage-modern" 4/12 half stack]

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