Walking Papersウォーキング・ペーパーズ

Walking Papers

01. Already Dead
02. The Whole World's Watching
03. Your Secret's Safe With Me
04. Red Envelopes
05. Leave Me In The Dark
06. The Butcher
07. Two Tickets And A Room
08. I'll Stick Around
09. Capital T
10. A Place Like This
11. Independence Day

Walking Papers
2012.10.02 [US] (download)
2012.10.16 [US] (cd)

Jeff Angell (Guitars, Piano, Lead Vocals)
Barrett Martin (Drums, Vibes, Marimbas, Upright Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Duff McKagan (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Benjamin Anderson (Keyboards, Backing Vocals

With Special Guests:
Mike McCready - Guitar Solos on 2, 8
Dave Carter - Trumpet on 4, 10
Dan Spalding - Baritone Sax on 4, 8
Ed Ulman - Trombone on 4

Label: Sunyata Records/Boredom Killing Business, 2012
Produced by Jeff Angell & Barrett Martin
Mixed by Jack Endino at Soundhouse, Seattle, WA
Recorded by Catherine Ferrante at Avast Studios, Seattle, WA
Additional overdubs in Seattle recorded by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios, Chad McMurray at Khaos Studios, and Jeff Angell at his house
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio, Seattle, WA
Original Artwork and Design by Jeff Angell
Photography by Stacy Albright