Use Your Illusion I [2LP]ユーズ・ユア・イリュージョン 1 ブラック・ヴァイナル

Use Your Illusion I [2LP]

『ユーズ・ユア・イリュージョン 1 ブラック・ヴァイナル』
発売日: 2022年11月11日
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"November Rain"は50名編成のオーケストラがグラミー受賞経験のあるChristpher Lennertzの指揮による演奏を録音した、2022 versionを収録。


Track List
LP 1
Side A
  1. Right Next Door To Hell
  2. Dust N' Bones
  3. Live And Let Die
  4. Don't Cry (Original)
  5. Perfect Crime
Side B
  1. You Ain't The First
  2. Bad Obsession
  3. Back Off Bitch
  4. Double Talkin' Jive

LP 2
Side A
  1. November Rain (2022 Version) *
  2. The Garden
  3. Garden Of Eden
  4. Don't Damn Me
Side B
  1. Bad Apples
  2. Dead Horse
  3. Coma

 * Previously unreleased

商品紹介 []

Use Your Illusion I remastered for the first-time ever from high-resolution 96kHz 24-bit transfers from the original stereo 1/2-inch analog master tapes.

“November Rain” with a real 50-piece orchestra for the first-time ever – Newly recorded, conducted & arranged by Grammy® Award winner & Emmy Award nominated composer Christopher Lennertz.

2x 180-gram heavy-weight audiophile black vinyl

Gatefold jacket

12” x 12” Insert