Shadows Between The Sky / シャドウズ・ビトウィーン・ザ・スカイ

Shadows Between The Sky

01. Shadows Between the Sky
02. Inward Journey
03. Chaos of the Unconscious
04. Rim of the World
05. City of Woe
06. Sea Wall
07. Sled Ride
08. Sunken Statue
09. Cookies for Santa
10. Andrew Henry's Meadow
11. Centrum
12. The Cliff's Stare
13. Greenskeeper
14. Wax Paper
15. Walk on the Moon


2010.02.06 発売

Buckethead - Wooden Dummy
Dan Monti - Drum Programming, Bass

Produced by Dan Monti and Albert
Engineered and Mixed by Dan Monti

Art: Bryan Theiss of Frankenseuss Labs