Pleased to Meet Me / プリーズド・トゥ・ミート・ミー

Pleased to Meet Me

1. I.O.U.
2. Alex Chilton
3. I Don't Know
4. Nightclub Jitters
5. Ledge
6. Never Mind
7. Valentine
8. Shooting Dirty Pool
9. Red Red Wine
10. Skyway
11. Can't Hardly Wait

reissue bonus tracks
12. Birthday Gal (Studio Demo)
13. Valentine (Studio Demo)
14. Bundle Up (Studio Demo)
15. Photo (Studio Demo)
16. Election Day
17. Alex Chilton (Alternate Version)
18. Kick It In (Studio Demo)
19. Route 66
20. Tossin' n' Turnin'
21. Can't Hardly Wait (Alternate Version)
22. Cool Water

The Replacements

1987年6月 発売

Paul Westerberg - Lead and background vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, piano, six-string bass (on "Skyway" and "Can't Hardly Wait")
Tommy Stinson - bass guitar, background vocals, upright bass (on "Nightclub Jitters"), acoustic guitar and guitar fills (on "Can't Hardly Wait")
Chris Mars - Drums, cowbell, background vocals, foot tap (on "Skyway")
Teenage Steve Douglas - Baritone sax, bass flute (on "The Ledge")
East Memphis Slim - Organ, keyboards, background vocals, vibes (on "Skyway")
Vito - Background vocals
Prince Gabe - Saxophone (on "Nightclub Jitters")
Alex Chilton - Guitar (on "Can't Hardly Wait")
Luther Dickinson - Guitar (on "Shooting Dirty Pool")
Max Huls - Strings (on "Can't Hardly Wait")