One Man Mutiny / ワン・マン・ミューティニー

One Man Mutiny

01. Don't Deserve You
02. It's a Drag
03. Meant to Be
04. All This Way for Nothing
05. Come to Hide
06. Seize the Moment
07. Zero to Stupid
08. Match Made in Hell
09. Destroy Me
10. One Man Mutiny

Tommy Stinson

2011.08.30 発売

Tommy Stinson (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums)
Dizzy Reed (Piano)
Drum Fetish (Drums)
Emily Roberts (Vocals)
Frank Ferrer (Drums)
George Manney (Drums)
Richard Fortus (Guitar)
Joan Jones (Trumpet (Pocket))

George Manney (Engineer)
Phillip Broussard Jr. (Producer, Engineer)
Tommy Stinson (Engineer, Programming, Photography)
Emily Roberts (Insert Photography)

Composer : Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus

Ken Sluiter (Editing)
Steven Cohen (Cover Photo)

"One Man Mutiny" recorded with Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus

mixed by Sean Beavan
Label: Done To Death Music