01. Lighthouse
02. Longfeather
03. Holy Water
04. I Saw God On 10th St
05. Fallen
06. Forgiveness
07. Just Another Shakedown
08. Fallen Ones
09. Hope (feat. Slash)
10. I Just Don't Know (feat. Jerry Cantrell)
11. Lighthouse (Reprise) (feat. Iggy Pop)

Duff McKagan
2023.10.20 [-]
2023.11.17 [輸入盤国内仕様]

Duff McKagan (Vocals & Guitar)

Arranged By [String Arrangement] - Andrew Joslyn (曲: 5, 10)
Artwork - Kuj Durollari
Design [Package Design] - Donny Phillips
Management - Brian Klein
Management [Business Management] - Beth Sabbagh, DWA
Mastered By - Ted Jensen
Photography By - Charles Petersen
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By - Martin Ferveyear
credit info (

“The crashing…. the cresting waves, the falling through of all that surrounds you. Life sometimes tosses us around, and we feel the want of comfort and the pull of home. A ship tossed like a toy through the Cape, sails ripped and the wood groaning with the scraping of its ballast…. a soul trying with all its might to find peace and a center. Find a lighthouse. I have my lighthouse…. its beacon swirling in the darkness with her warmth and promise of nurture, love, laughter, and all that is true. Won’t you be my lighthouse, give me light, …and bring me home.”

[輸入盤国内仕様] BSMF RECORDS
● ダフ・マッケイガン/ライトハウス(2023/11/17発売) [BSMF-8073]


● ダフ・マッケイガン/ライトハウス<リミテッド・エディション・デラックス・パッケージ>(輸入・アナログ盤)(2023/11/23発売) [BSLP-8073]
(限定カラーヴァイナル・輸入LP:THE WORLD IS FLAT LLC - BFD / PM001LPCA / 819376050065)

<LP>Duff McKagan - Lighthouse(Limited Edition Deluxe Package)

* Emerald Green Deluxe Vinyl LP
* 3 lithographs(写真)
* a 12p booklet(ブックレット)
* a sticker(ステッカー)
* a guitar pick(ギターピック)


[Lighthouse bundles image from] - ライトハウス ダフ・マッケイガン [輸入盤国内仕様] - Lighthouse ダフ・マッケイガン [輸入盤]