Gilby Clarkeギルビー・クラーク

Gilby Clarke

1. Cure Me...Or Kill Me
2. Tijuana Jail
3. Black (feat. Dilana)
4. Skin N' Bones
5. Wasn't Yesterday Great
6. It's Good Enough for Rock 'N' Roll
7. Punk Rock Pollution
8. Kilroy Was Here
9. Bourbon Street Blues
10. Can't Get That Stuff (COL. PARKER)
11. Dropping Out (COL. PARKER)
12. I'm Nobody
13. Alien
14. Judgement Day

Gilby Clarke
2007年1月30日 発売

Gilby Clarke (Vocals & Guitar)

12 solo tracks from "Pawnshop Guitars", "The Hangover", "Rubber", "Swag". and 2 tracks from "Col. Parker"
Freshly remixed, along with Black re-recorded with Dilana on vocals.

フォーマット: from US, Import
レーベル: Spitfire