Forensic Follies / フォレンジック・フォーリーズ

Forensic Follies

1. Forensic Follies
2. A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons
3. Splinter in a Slunk's Eye
4. Under Sea Scalp
5. Whirlwind
6. Plunger
7. Trunk of the Tree
8. Slunk Shrine
9. Open Coffin Jamboree
10. (I'll Be) Taking Care of Grampa
11. Three Headed Troll
12. Splinter Dissection
13. Mannequin Molds


2009/06/01 発売

Buckethead - Finger pikes, guitar
Dan Monti - Drum programming and bass

Produced by Dan Monti & Albert
Engineered and mixed by Dan Monti

Artwork by Bryan Theiss, Frankenseuss Labs, Seattle