Fire, the acoustic albumファイヤー・ジ・アコースティック・アルバム

Fire, the acoustic album

1. I Dont Mind
2. Infrastruk
3. Listen
4. Airbus
5. Fire
6. Seems to Me
7. Long Night
8. Box
9. Milo
10. Harp Song

Izzy Stradlin
2007年11月19日 発売

Izzy Stradlin (Vocals and Guitar)
Rick Richards (Lead Guitar)
JT Longoria (Bass, Percussion)
Taz Bentley (Drums)

Timo Kaltia [guitarist/songwriter]

Recorded in California / 2007, Summer
mixed J.T. Longoria / Gary Long mastered
Nomad Recording Studio (Dallas)

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