Don't Tell a Soul / ドント・テル・ア・ソウル

Don't Tell a Soul

1. Talent Show
2. Back to Back
3. We'll Inherit the Earth
4. Achin' to Be
5. They're Blind
6. Anywhere's Better Than Here
7. Asking Me Lies
8. I'll Be You
9. I Won't
10. Rock 'n' Roll Ghost
11. Darlin' One

reissue bonus tracks
12. Portland
13. Wake Up
14. Talent Show (Studio Demo)
15. We'll Inherit the Earth (Mix)
16. Date to Chruch
17. We Know the Night (Outtake)
18. Gudbuy t' Jane (Outtake)

The Replacements

1989年2月 発売

Paul Westerberg (vocals)
Chris Mars (drums)
Tommy Stinson (bass)
Bob "Slim" Dunlap (guitar)