Chinese Democracy Alternate Artworkチャイニーズ・デモクラシー オルタネイト・アートワーク

● チャイニーズ・デモクラシーの別バージョン・アートワーク
Chinese Democracy Alternate Artwork

■ [Chinese Democracy Front(and back) cover] Controlling No.14, No.3 by Shi Lifeng

Injured Left Hand by Liu Yuan and Girl Raped By Alien by He An

■ [Chinese Democracy] "Injured Left Hand" by Liu Yuan / [Shackler's Revenge] "Girl Raped By Alien" by He An

Untitled by Somyot Hananuntasuk

■ [Better] "Untitled" by Somyot Hananuntasuk

Beijing Beauty No.2 by Jiang Congyi

■ [Street Of Dreams] "Beijing Beauty No.2" by Jiang Congyi

The Visitor by Kevin Zuckerman

■ [If The World] / [There Was A Time] "The Visitor" by Kevin Zuckerman

Cry No.2 and Cry No.7 by Lian Xue Ming

■ [FEAR N' FREEDOM] "Cry No.2 and Cry No.7" by Lian Xue Ming

AK-47 by Anton S. Kandinsky

■ [---] "AK-47" by Anton S. Kandinsky

Echo by Marat Bekeev and Portrait No.3 by Xiao Ping

■ [Catcher In The Rye] "Echo" by Marat Bekeev / [Scraped] "Portrait No.3" by Xiao Ping

Prisoner 030 by Lou Jie and Lizard Part of my Brain by Sandra Yagi

■ [Riad N' The Bedouins] "Prisoner 030" by Lou Jie / [Sorry] "Lizard Part of my Brain" by Sandra Yagi

O Terra by Socar Myles

■ [I.R.S.] "O Terra" by Socar Myles

Good Morning America Grenade by Anton S. Kandinsky

■ [Madagascar] "Good Morning America Grenade" by Anton S. Kandinsky

Hundreds of Thousands by Rankin and Scream by Johnnie Hurtig

■ [This I Love] "Hundreds of Thousands" by Rankin / [Prostitute] "Scream" by Johnnie Hurtig

Body 2005 No.3 by Ziao Kegang and Untitled Red Cross by Sasha Volkova

■ [Credits 1] "Body 2005 No.3" by Ziao Kegang / "Untitled Red Cross" by Sasha Volkova

Petite Mort by Sandra Yagi and Seated Figure in Robe by Gloria Gaddis

■ [Credits 2] "Petite Mort" by Sandra Yagi / "Seated Figure in Robe" by Gloria Gaddis

Kowloon Alley by Terry Hardin

■ [tray-inside] "Kowloon Alley" by Terry Hardin

Kowloon Alley by Terry Hardin

■ [tray-outside(Back Cover)] "Kowloon Alley" by Terry Hardin

Red Star by Shi Lifeng

■ [Disc] "Red Star" by Shi Lifeng

その中のいくつかのアートワークは、何らかの形ですでに目にしているものも含まれており、カヴァーアートの赤い手は、ギター・スコアやツアーポスターに使用されていたもので、「Street Of Dreams」のアートワークは、同曲のプロモ・シングルのアートワークに使われていた。一部、ステージでスクリーン等に映し出されていたものもある。また、Anton S. Kandinsky による銃やグレネードのデザインは、Tシャツやバッグなどのマーチャンダイズに使用されている。
Guitar Recorded Versions - GUNS N' ROSES / CHINESE DEMOCRACY

Guitar Recorded Versions