Beautiful Creatures / ビューティフル・クリーチャーズ

Beautiful Creatures

01. 1A.M.
02. Wasted
03. Step Back
04. Ride
05. Wish
06. Kick Out
07. Blacklist
08. Kicking For Days
09. Time And Time Again
10. Goin Off
11. New Orleans
12. I Got It All
13. 1A.M. (acoustic version) *
14. Get Up *

* Japan Bonus Track

Beautiful Creatures

2001年9月27日 [国内盤] 発売

Joe Leste (Vocals)
DJ Ashba (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Anthony Focx (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Kenny Kweens (Bass and Backing Vocals)
Glen Sobel (Drums and Backing Vocals)