All Shook Down / オール・ショック・ダウン

All Shook Down

1. Merry Go Round
2. One Wink at a Time
3. Nobody
4. Bent Out of Shape
5. Sadly Beautiful
6. Someone Take the Wheel
7. When It Began
8. All Shook Down
9. Attitude
10. Happy Town
11. Torture
12. My Little Problem
13. Last

reissue bonus tracks
14. When It Began (Demo Version)
15. Kissin' in Action (Demo Version)
16. Someone Take the Wheel (Demo Version)
17. Attitude (Demo Version)
18. Happy Town (Demo Version)
19. Tiny Paper Plane (Demo Version)
20. Sadly Beautiful (Demo Version)
21. My Little Problem (Alternate Version)
22. Ought to Get Love
23. Satellite
24. Kissin' in Action

The Replacements

1990年9月 発売

Paul Westerberg (vocals)
Chris Mars (drums)
Tommy Stinson (bass)
Bob "Slim" Dunlap (guitar)

Additional personnel: Steve Berlin, Michael Blair, John Cale, Charley Drayton, Abe Lincoln, Mauro Majellan, Johnette Napolitano, Axel Niehaus, Terry Reid, David Schramm, Benmont Tench.