1993-07-11 Werchter Festival Ground, Werchter, Belgium (VHS)

Guns N' Roses
Source: Werchter Festival Ground, Werchter, Belgium
Date: July 11th, 1993.
Sound Quality: A-
Time Disc 1: 65:44
Time Disc 2: 54:48
VHS gen 1 > DAT > WAV > dED CDR

Disc 1

1- Intro
2- It's So Easy
3- Mr. Brownstone
4- Live And Let Die
5- Welcome To The Jungle
6- Attitude
7- Double Talkin' Jive
8- Dead Flowers
9- You Ain't The First
10- You're Crazy
11- Used To Love Her
12- Patience [w/ Imagine]
13- Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Disc 2

1- Dust In The Wind
2- November Rain
3- Dead Horse
4- Band Introductions
5- Drum Solo
6- You Could Be Mine
7- Guitar Solo
8- Sweet Child O' Mine
9- Mother
10- Paradise City

notes: One of the last shows of the UYI tour. Axl is in really good spirits, cracking a lot of jokes during the show. Axl tells a fan that he looks like Freddie Mercury and that they won't play a Queen song. Before 'Attitude,' Duff says, "Hey look guys, Pepsi – the choice of a new generation!" The band jams on 'Communication Breakdown' during 'Double Talkin' Jive'. During 'Imagine,' Axl says, "You know, John's sitting somewhere right now, saying 'I should have used the back door.'" Axl dedicates 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' to someone named Jerry's dead donkey. This guy Jerry comes out to sing a few lines during the song as well. Axl & Slash jam together on guitar before 'Dead Horse.'