[Gen 1st][Taper - R Huizinga]

1993-06-05 Stadspark De Goffert, Nijmegen, Holland [Gen 1st][Taper - R Huizinga][Re-Tracked by Nikki Sixx]

Guns N' Roses
June 5th 1993
Goffert Park, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Lineage: unknown mic > unknown recorder > 1st generation Maxell XL II cassettes > Nakamichi 580 (Azimuth Corrected) > Zoom h2n (WAV 24/48) > Sandisk > USB > PC > Audacity > dBpoweramp Music Converter > WAV 16/44 > TLH > CD Wave Editor > dBpoweramp Music Converter > FLAC > Audacity > WAV > FLAC

Taped by : R. Huizinga

Notes: From the collection of Mats L. Transfer & edit by Mats L. (2021-04-25)

Notes: There is only 1 known/circulating recording for this show. This is a major upgrade from the collection of Mats L. It was shared on Guitars101 last year, but due to a faulty tape deck that transfer ran too fast. This is a new and improved transfer from the 1st generation tape, which sounds clearer and runs at the correct speed. There are numerous copies out there of this recording, in varied quality, but they are now all obsolete. For now, this is the definitive version. All credit to the taper, the amazing Robert Huizinga, and to Mats L. for once again opening his archive. Thank you !


1. Intro
2. It's So Easy
3. Mr. Brownstone
4. Live And Let Die
5. Welcome To The Jungle
6. Attitude
7. Double Talkin' Jive [w/ Train Kept A Rollin']
8. You Ain't The First
9. You're Crazy
10. Used To Love Her
11. Patience [w/ Imagine] [cut]
12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
13. November Rain
14. Dead Horse
15. Band Introductions
16. Drum Solo
17. You Could Be Mine
18. Guitar Solo
19. Godfather Theme
20. Sweet Child O' Mine
21. Paradise City
22. Outro

Tracked by Nikki Sixx May 2021.