1993-03-20 Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, IA (Master)

Guns N' Roses
Source: Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, IA
Date: March 20th, 1993.
Sound Quality: B-
Time Disc 1: 47:32
Time Disc 2: 50:54
built-in mic > Sony TCS-430 [master-incomplete] > dED > dEQ CDR

Disc 1

1- Intro
2- It's So Easy
3- Mr. Brownstone
4- The Garden
5- Live And Let Die
6- Nice Boys
7- So Fine
8- Attitude
9- Double Talkin' Jive

Disc 2

1- You Ain't The First
2- You're Crazy
3- Used To Love Her
4- Patience [w/ Pinball Wizard]
5- Knockin' On Heaven's Door
6- Piano Solo
7- November Rain
8- Welcome To The Jungle
9- Outro

notes: A very rowdy crowd - before the opening act Brian May came on stage, the crowd threw all the chairs off to the side to make it general admission! This led to some huge mosh pits, especially during 'Double Talkin' Jive.' During 'So Fine,' Axl changes one of the lines to “How could I be so high?”, and then later to “How could it be I'm so high?” 'Patience' is started after 'You're Crazy' but the bands stops it and breaks into 'Used To Love Her.' Before 'Welcome To The Jungle,' Slash plays a bit of the theme to the 'Addams Family.' The show is stopped early because Axl gets hit with something, so 'Welcome To The Jungle' is the last song.