1993-03-12 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Canada-FLAC

Guns N' Roses
Source: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Canada
Date: March 12th, 1993.
Sound Quality: B
Time Disc 1: 51:27
Time Disc 2: 51:03

Lineage: uM > uR > analog gen ? [incomplete] > FLAC > Audacity *Corrected Tracking* > FLAC

Disc 1

1- Intro
2- Welcome To The Jungle
3- Nightrain
4- The Garden
5- Live And Let Die
6- Attitude
7- So Fine
8- Double Talkin' Jive
9- You Ain't The First
10- You're Crazy
11- Used To Love Her

Disc 2

1- Knockin' On Heaven's Door
2- Patience [w/ Pinball Wizard]
3- Piano Solo
4- November Rain [cut]
5- You Could Be Mine [cuts in]
6- Guitar Solo
7- Since I Don't Have You / Sweet Child O' Mine
8- Mother
9- Paradise City

notes: This was originally scheduled for 3.11.93, then postponed 1 day. A friend of the band, Tom Doyle, plays bongos on 'Used To Love Her.' At the end of 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' Axl slams down his microphone and slowly walks offstage. At the beginning of 'Paradise City,' Axl lackadaisically paces around the stage, showing no emotion. After the first few verses, he leaves the stage, leaving the rest of the band clueless! The band improvs for a bit, then Duff sings the rest of the song, starting with “Take me down, spin me round!”