1987-12-17 Roy Wilkins Audtiorium, St. Paul, MN-FLAC (Gen1)

Guns N' Roses
December 17, 1987
St. Paul, MN

1st Gen Hi-Bias Cassette (JVC TD-W309) > CDR (Philips CDR870) > FLAC (Nero 7)

***This is not the "Wake Up F**kers" or the "Genetic Freak" release

Set List:

It's So Easy
Out ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Sweet Child O' Mine
My Michelle
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Welcome to the Jungle
Night Train
Paradise City (cut at the beginning)

The audio quality changes towards the end of Night Train. I'm not sure why. Maybe the taper had to hide his equipment. Paradise City is missing the beginning, seemingly due to a tape flip.