1987.10.23 The Ritz - New York, NY [SBD+AUD] [AppetiteForMeows]

Guns N' Roses - 1987-10-23, USA, New York, The Ritz
"Superior Ritz"
Great bootleg name and artwork by Waemoth
Remastering, Info.txt, Meta Tags by AppetiteForMeows
DVD (JohnM) / FLAC (Dangerous)> Adobe Audition > FLAC > AIMP Tag Editor
Total Length: 01:20:34, 537mb

01. It's So Easy
02. Move To The City
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Axl Rant #1
05. Mr. Brownstone
06. Welcome To The Jungle
07. Axl Rant #2
08. My Michelle
09. Don't Cry
10. Rocket Queen
11. Axl Rant #2
12. Nightrain
13. Sweet Child O' Mine
14. Axl Rant #4
15. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
16. Band Introductions
17. Axl & Slash Rant
18. You're Crazy
19. Paradise City
20. Reckless Life
21. Axl Rant #5
22. Mama Kin

Notes #1: I used JohnM dvd as main SBD source and first few tracks (+small RQ patch) were AUD sourced (Silver CD "Dangerous").
1) SBD
I divided it into 2 channels, tried to balance them better and applied different de-hum and de-noise to each of them, but settings were different.
Then another one but slight de-noise was applied to mix. Some crackle was removed with X-Crackle.
Used multiband compressor and a couple of other effects. In the end applied TruVerb reverberation.
2) AUD
Removed clipping, used eq. I would remove some noise if it didn't cause quality loss.
Matched loudness of both sources, applied Hard Limiter, tracked audio and exported it.

Notes #2: GN'R's first time playing the Ritz. Dave Mustaine makes an appearance on stage during Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
After Rocket Queen Axl talks about Nightrain wine. Before Knockin' On Heaven's Door Axl talks about Tod Crew.
This show is better than 1988 Ritz gig, confirmed by Waemoth and Appetite For Meows.