Equipment / Robin Finckロビン・フィンクの使用している機材

● Guitars

Robin Finck Guitar
Godling Guitar LGX Series

CF Martin Backpackers and Acoustic

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus
Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop
Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitars
Gibson Blueshawk

● Amplifiers

Marshall JCM-2000 w/ Marshall cabs

Marshall JMP-800 amplifier head
Marshall 8x10 speaker cabinets

Seymour Duncan pickups

● Effects

Wah-Wah Jim Dunlop Rack Mount Pedal
Boss DD-5 Digital Delay

Marshall JMP-1 Valve MIDI-controlable pre-amp effects unit
RockTron Vodoo Valve.
TC Electronic effects G-Force

Paul Reed Smith Collect Hollow Body II and CE22 with Dragon II
For effects RockTron Vodoo Valve

● Microphone

Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone

■ ロビンの使用・所持している機材は、これで全部ではないです。