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Fender Duff McKagan Signature Bass
Fender Duff McKagan Signature Bass
His main bass is a mid-80's Fender Jazz Bass Special, however McKagan has also become a fan of the new Fender Aerodyne bass as well as the more expensive Duesenberg Star basses. In the past he has also used Kramer basses, most notably in the Sweet Child O Mine video and a Gibson Les Paul standard bass. He uses Seymour Duncan Pickups and Rotosound swingbass strings. He never uses active basses. His first amp was a Gallien-Krueger GK400RB. He used up to 4 Gallien-Krueger 800RB heads with GK 4x10 and 1x15 cabinets with Guns N Roses. His current heads are 2 Gallien-Krueger 2001RB's with GK 4x10RBH or 2x12NEO speaker cabinets. He uses Dunlop picks, straps and straplocks. Effects include chorus from a Yamaha SPX-90, distortion from his amp, the Z-vex Wooley Mammoth fuzz and an MXR M-80.
In October 2007, Fender released a Duff McKagan signature P Bass model, based on his main Jazz Bass Special.
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Duff McKagan
Duff McKagan
Duff McKagan

● Bass Guitars

Gibson LPB-3 Les Paul
Fender Jazz Special Bass
Fender Precision (P-bass)
Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass
Duisenberg A440
B.C Rich Warlock (early days of GN'R)
Music Man (early days of GN'R)

● Amplifiers

Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass Amp
GK400RB (used this head until he upgraded)
GK 4x10 RBH Cab
GK 1x15 RBH Cab

● Effects

Yamaha SPX90 Chorus Effect

MXR M-80 Bass D.I.
Z-Vex Woolly Mammoth
"McKagan uses Dunlop Tortex picks, straps, and straplocks. He sometimes also goes through an MXR-80 distortion box, and he used a Z-Vex Woolly Mammoth on the tune “Set Me Free” from the Hulk movie soundtrack."
(Bass Player Magazine, March 2004)

Dunlop 105Q BASS WAH

● Other

Seymour Duncan Bassline
Roto-sound Spacer

■ ダフの使用・所持している機材は、これで全部ではないです。